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Michael Mullen


Michael Mullen is excited to bring his skill and wealth of expertise of violin to JAMS Music. Trained as a classical violinist since he was five years old, Michael has performed and recorded many styles of music for decades. He has more than than 25 years for private violin and fiddle teaching experience. For the past few years, Michael has taught violin at various charter schools in the Oakland School District.

Though he is a fiddler by trade, Michael teaches his beginner and intermediate students violin technique from a violin method that yields results — good technique is good technique regardless of what kind of music you play. As a student, you’ll straighten your fundamentals in sight reading, theory, and composition to become a confident player. Whether you’re just starting out in your school orchestra, preparing to study classical violin in college, interested in Celtic music, or traditional Americana fiddle, Michael will give you the tools you need to grow.

Learning to play a musical instrument can be both fun and fulfilling, and the violin is one of the most expressive of musical instruments. Give it a try today!

Remember that First Guitar


"This is my go-to music store. My two kids have taken guitar lessons here, and both loved it...I would give them six stars if I could."

Mark K.
San Ramon, CA

"Just used JAMS Music to repair my daughter's flute. Ian, the brass & woodwind repair tech is excellent. He knows what he's doing and is very ethical. I won't hesitate to bring my future business back there!"

Linda K.
Dublin, CA

"It was about time for the Tri-Valley to get a really top-notch music store.  I have been going to JAMS Music for a little over 2 years, and the place gets better every time I go in...I am a very happy and satisfied customer, and recommend JAMS Music to all my musician friends.  It an absolutely wonderful and friendly environment, and they are very easy to do business with.  

Gail E.
Livermore, CA

"All of the staff were welcoming and always answered my questions thoroughly.  I highly recommend these guys."

Steve B.
San Ramon, CA

"I commuted here all the way from Stockton because of the high praise this place has on Yelp. From my recent experience, JAMS Music has totally exceeded my expectations."

Andy D.
Ripon, CA