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Financing with Synchrony Bank

At JAMS Music, you can take advantage of some added buying power for large purchases with a Synchrony Bank Credit Card. We have two different offers that make managing your purchases easier. It only takes a few minutes to apply, and we’ll know within a few minutes if you’re approved for your purchase. Using financing is simple, convenient, and flexible. Here are a few purchasing options available: 6, 12, or 18 month financing for all U.S. built Taylor Guitars. 0% interest, no money down for your purchase. 6 or 12 month financing with Synchrony Bank. 0% interest, no money down for your purchase. (Use it on anything in the store over $500.) Financing is only available for qualified participants. Just remember, we won’t know if you’re qualified until we run the application, so it’s always worth trying! These are options for qualifying purchases made with your Synchrony Bank credit card account. There is no interest if paid in full within promotional period (deferred interest). The length of the promotional period will depend on the specific promotion offered. Interest at the rate of 29.99% will be charged to your account from the date of purchase if the promotional purchase is not paid in full within the promotional period. To avoid late fees, you must make your Total Minimum Monthly Payments by the due date of each month. These Minimum Monthly Payments may or may not pay off the promotional purchase before the end of the promotional period. To make sure that you are not charged with the interest accrued at the 29.99% you must pay the total promotional purchase amount within the promotional period. Interest free and equal monthly payments required until...


Taylor Guitars GS Mini-E Koa Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Crafted as part of a limited run of premium GS Mini models, the GS Mini-e Koa boasts a pair of upgrades: a back and sides of exotic veneered Hawaiian koa, and Taylor’s stage-ready ES-T acoustic electronics, including onboard ES tone and volume control knobs. The compact Mini’s scaled-down design blends ultra-portability with the voice and projection of a full-size guitar, while Taylor’s patented NT neck guarantees signature Taylor...


Large Selection of Guitar Pickups

Got a guitar that you love but are a little tired of the tone?  Re-invent your guitar with a fresh set of pickups!  We carry a large selection of guitar pickups from DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, L.R. Baggs, and Fender. If you own an acoustic instrument and are ready to start performing, we can install a pickup and get you out of the living room and on to the stage! Come down and talk to us today about finding the right pickups for you...


Brass & Woodwinds

JAMS Music offers sales and rentals of brass and woodwind instruments. When considering what instrument to purchase, the best thing to do is come and try out various models.  Selection of a quality student, intermediate, and professional level instruments can be an enjoyable experience and give you the instrument you need to grow as a musician and express your creativity. Find out what your needs are in the short term, and long term, and buy accordingly! Remember, a quality, brand-name instrument will be more reliable, generally require less maintenance, and more cost-effective over its life.  Most importantly, and this is particularly important for beginning level instruments, they’ll sound better, feel better, and be easier to play. All of these features lead to a more enjoyable playing experience. If you’re just starting out, or a seasoned professional, JAMS Music has the quality instruments for you. JAMS Music is an authorized retailer for the following instrument brands. available for purchase or special order (subject to change). We agree and adhere to each brand’s selling agreement terms. Brands We Carry Conn-Selmer family of brands: Armstrong Bach Conn Holton King LeBlanc Ludwing Musser Scherl & Roth Selmer USA Selmer Paris Yanagisawa Buffet-Crampon family of brands Antoine Cortois Besson Buffet-Crampon Paris B&S Hans Hoyer J. Scherzer Trumpets Keilwerth Melton Meinl Weston Vernon Powell Flutes W. Schreiber Gemeinhardt Gemeinhardt Roy Seaman KHS America Jupiter Band Instruments These brands are recognized by school band directors and private teachers as being reliable instruments that sounds and feel great. They provide a beginning musician years of service with the piece of mind that they’ve made a good investment. Used Instruments Please call...


Mesa Boogie Amps, Pedals and Tubes

JAMS Music in Dublin, CA is your exclusive home for Mesa Boogie amplifiers in the San Francisco East Bay.  Mesa/Boogie has been one of the world’s premier amplifier manufacturers for over forty years. Based and built in Petaluma, CA, these hand-built amps have defined the American tone from large, touring venues, to recording studios, and the home musician.  Mesa/Boogie offers a variety of electric guitar and bass amplifiers that give you incredible flexibility to find your signature sound. Whether you’re a virtuoso like Al DeMeola, a legend like Carlos Santana, or a heavy metal thrasher like James Hetfield from Metallica, there’s a Mesa/Boogie amp that will meet your needs. All Mesa/Boogie products are delivered to JAMS Music by JAMS Music staff, so you don’t need to worry about your amp being mishandled by the large delivery companies. In addition to store stock, you can custom order any amplifier or cabinet in a variety of beautiful finishes and colors. Ask our staff about building your beautiful dream amp. All amps are built-to-order, whether it’s a normal stock or custom build, and may have delivery times between four and eight weeks. Please call in advance to verify in-stock ability. In-stock Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers and Pedals: Heads and Combo Amps JP-2C Head – The signature John Petrucci head! JP-2C Limited Edition Head – IN STOCK – one of only 325 units made (call for special price) Triple Crown TC-100 Head – Standard Black Dress Triple Crown TC-50 Head – Standard Black Dress Triple Crown TC-50 Head – Vintage Bordeaux Bronco Triple Crown TC-50 1×12 Combo – Standard Black Dress Mark 5:35 Head – Standard Black Dress Mark 5:35 1×12 Combo...


Roland/BOSS Drums In-Stock

If you’ve seen someone playing an electric drum set, chances are it’s the Roland V-Drum. They’re great when you need to keep the volume at a minimum for those late night practices. Entry level kits will respond much like a real drum head, and higher end kits have realistic mesh heads. When you need to be quiet, portable, and keep maintenance to a minimum, think Roland...


ESP/LTD In-Stock

The ESP Guitar company is known for some wildly beautiful electric guitars from some of the finest luthiers in the world. Play the same guitars as James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett from Metallica, Alex Skolnick, George Lynch, and Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones. We primarily stock LTD branded instruments which are a more affordable option than the ESP line. Between the LTD and E-II lines in-stock, we’ve got all your needs covered. Please speak to us if you have any questions about special ordering any ESP/LTD...


Ibanez In-Stock Instruments

Ibanez guitars and basses are some of the most recognizable and distinctive instruments on the market. For over three decades, they’ve produced amazing instruments for players of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, there’s an Ibanez guitar for you. They come in a variety of shapes including seven, eight and nine string instruments, colors, and pickup configurations. Basses can be found in four, five, and six string variations. We stock instruments from the Ibanez Prestige line. Please speak to us if you have any questions about special ordering any instruments. We also stock Ibanez effect pedals including the famous Tube Screamer. Ibanez Troubadour Acoustic Amplifiers are a great option for people who want to make their acoustic guitar louder without compromising tone. They come in multiple sizes and most can accommodate simultaneous guitar and vocal inputs. It’s a great amp for getting out of the house and into the local coffee house and getting heard! This is a list of Ibanez guitars in stock. Please contact the store for inquiries. Electric Guitars  RG652 AHMNGB Prestige RG7421WNF 7-String RGIX20FESMFSK Iron Label AFJ95VSB Artcore Hollow Body AGS73TSLB Artcore Single Cut Semi-Hollow Body FR365 TM302TFB Talman (2016 new model) SA103MFMBBT RG421VLS Acoustic Guitars AW540PN Artwood (coming soon) AW50 Artwood RA200BS Resonator Sr650BBf Electric Basses  SR305EMSS SR400EBCWNGF SR370ESPB SR300EBCA SR655NTF GSR200B SR300EMG TMB300MFT SR500BM SR370 Fretless SR300ECBB   Updated: 4/12/2016...


Mesa Boogie Mark Five 25 Amp

Here’s the new Mesa Boogie Mark Five 25 Amplifier in a mini head format. Like all Mesa/Boogie products, this amp is designed and handmade in Petaluma, CA. This amp boasts two independent channels with three modes per channel. There’s the classic Mesa/Boogie 5-band EQ to help shape your tone which can be assigned to either channel, controlled via foot switch, or bypassed. Each channel can be independently set at 25 or 10 watts to create different voices. Also, for the first time ever, integrated into the design is Mesa’s revolutionary Cab Clone feature. This allows you to run the amplifier direct out through a balanced XLR plug, and switch between emulating an open or closed back speaker cabinet. There’s also an out to plug in stereo headphones. You won’t believe how amazing, flexible, and dynamic this amplifier...


Kala Brand Ukuleles

Kala Brand is the leader in the industry for quality and affordable ukulele. Kala offer great instruments for a beginner or seasoned pro including the famous U-BASS and other U.S.A. made instruments in Petaluma, CA. More affordable models feature layered woods like mahogany and spalted maple. Even their entry-level Makala shark and dolphin models feature wood tops and stay in tune much better than other ukuleles in the same price point. Higher end models feature solid mahogany, spruce and acacia wood, and many models feature all solid wood construction. They stand behind the quality of their instruments and offer some of the best support in the...


Ukulele Basics

There are four major sizes of ukuleles ranging from smallest to largest. They are Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. There is no right or wrong size of ukulele for starters. Get what you feel most comfortable with, and what sound you like. The first three body shapes are tuned GCEA with the G string being tuned a whole step below the high-A string. Some players choose to string the instrument with a low G string to increase the bass tone of the instrument. Sopranos are the smallest and generally have the least overall volume and bass frequency. Visually, they’re what most people think of when you say ukulele. Concerts are a little bit larger and for most people the most comfortable size. The amount of volume and bass frequency is increased yielding a nice full tone. Tenors are yet larger and great for people who are a little bit taller, or want more bass frequency. We frequently see our customers replace the standard high-G with a low-G string. It contrasts nicely in a group with other soprano ukuleles. Baritones are the largest of the standard sizes and tuned EBGD like the 1st-4th strings of a guitar. They normally have two wound metal strings and two normal nylon or nygut strings. If you play in a ukulele group and you don’t currently have a baritone, pick one up and see how much you’ll enhance your group’s...


Deering Banjos In-Stock

Founded in 1975, Deering Banjos have grown to become the largest manufacturer of banjos in America. Whether you are a novice or a professional, there is a Deering banjo for you! We specialize in the Goodtime line of banjos, handmade in San Diego, CA like all other Deering Banjos. These more affordable instruments feature high quality woods and components. They’re made with precision construction and are easy to maintain. Most importantly, they sound amazing. We stock a great variety including open and closed back, tenor and plectrum banjos. If you want to step your game up, let us know and we’ll help you select the Deering model of your...


Roland/Boss Amps

Roland is known the world over as one of the leaders in the music instrument industry. They offer a wide range of products including amplifiers, effect pedals, electronic drums, keyboards and more. If you’re looking for a great, affordable amplifier that’s easy to use and sounds great, look no further than the line of Cube amps. We offer small ones for ultra-portability, slightly larger ones that are great as a first amp for your bedroom, or ones large enough to play a gig. If you’ve seen someone playing an electric drum set, chances are it’s the Roland V-Drum. They’re great when you need to keep the volume at a minimum for those late night practices. Entry level kits will respond much like a real drum head, and higher end kits have realistic mesh heads. When you need to be quiet, portable, and keep maintenance to a minimum, think Roland...


Taylor Guitars In-Stock

JAMS Music is the San Francisco East Bay’s premier dealer for Taylor Guitars. You won’t find a better selection with modified, limited, and custom models anywhere in the East Bay. We hold exciting Taylor sponsored events such as Road Show, Find Your Fit, and other specialty clinics. If you’ve been thinking about making that custom guitar of your dreams, come in and talk to us. We’ll help you through the Custom Guitar build process. Build time on custom instruments is roughly eight weeks. Times may vary. JAMS Music is a Taylor Guitars Authorized Silver Level Repair Facility. We can service your instrument with our fantastic technician, Brian Hart. Come talk to us if your instrument needs factory servicing. Special financing through Synchrony Bank with easy no money down, 0% interest for 6, 12, or 18 month payment options available for qualified applicants. Below is a list of in-stock Taylor Guitars. Please contact the store with inquiries. List subject to change without notice. Electric Guitars T5 Classic T5z Classic T5z Classic DLX T5z Classic DLX – Fiesta Red T5Z Custom Pro – Grapevine Burst T5z Custom Cocobolo – 2017 Fall Limited Acoustic & Acoustic/Electric Guitars BT1 – Baby Taylor Spruce BT2 – Baby Taylor Mahogany BBT – Big Baby Taylor BBT – Left Handed GS Mini GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Mahogany – Left Handed GS Mini RW-E GS Mini-E Koa GS Mini-e Bass Academy 10 Academy 12 – (coming soon) Academy 10e Academy 12e Academy 12e-N 114e 114e-Left Handed 114ce 150e 12-string – (coming soon) 214ce 214ce-DLX 214ce-DLX Sunburst 214ce-K-DLX 312ce 12-Fret 312ce 12-Fret LTD w/ Antique Sunburst Finish 314ce –...


Remember that First Guitar


"This is my go-to music store. My two kids have taken guitar lessons here, and both loved it...I would give them six stars if I could."

Mark K.
San Ramon, CA

"Just used JAMS Music to repair my daughter's flute. Ian, the brass & woodwind repair tech is excellent. He knows what he's doing and is very ethical. I won't hesitate to bring my future business back there!"

Linda K.
Dublin, CA

"It was about time for the Tri-Valley to get a really top-notch music store.  I have been going to JAMS Music for a little over 2 years, and the place gets better every time I go in...I am a very happy and satisfied customer, and recommend JAMS Music to all my musician friends.  It an absolutely wonderful and friendly environment, and they are very easy to do business with.  

Gail E.
Livermore, CA

"All of the staff were welcoming and always answered my questions thoroughly.  I highly recommend these guys."

Steve B.
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"I commuted here all the way from Stockton because of the high praise this place has on Yelp. From my recent experience, JAMS Music has totally exceeded my expectations."

Andy D.
Ripon, CA