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Mesa Boogie Amps, Pedals and Tubes

JAMS Music in Dublin, CA is your exclusive home for Mesa Boogie amplifiers in the San Francisco East Bay.  Mesa/Boogie has been one of the world’s premier amplifier manufacturers for over forty years. Based and built in Petaluma, CA, these hand-built amps have defined the American tone from large, touring venues, to recording studios, and the home musician.  Mesa/Boogie offers a variety of electric guitar and bass amplifiers that give you incredible flexibility to find your signature sound. Whether you’re a virtuoso like Al DeMeola, a legend like Carlos Santana, or a heavy metal thrasher like James Hetfield from Metallica, there’s a Mesa/Boogie amp that will meet your needs.

All Mesa/Boogie products are delivered to JAMS Music by JAMS Music staff, so you don’t need to worry about your amp being mishandled by the large delivery companies. In addition to store stock, you can custom order any amplifier or cabinet in a variety of beautiful finishes and colors. Ask our staff about building your beautiful dream amp. All amps are built-to-order, whether it’s a normal stock or custom build, and may have delivery times between four and eight weeks.

Please call in advance to verify in-stock ability.
In-stock Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers and Pedals:

Heads and Combo Amps

  • JP-2C Head – The signature John Petrucci head!
  • JP-2C Limited Edition Head – IN STOCK – one of only 325 units made (call for special price)
  • Triple Crown TC-100 Head – Standard Black Dress
  • Triple Crown TC-50 Head – Standard Black Dress
  • Triple Crown TC-50 Head – Vintage Bordeaux Bronco
  • Triple Crown TC-50 1×12 Combo – Standard Black Dress
  • Mark 5:35 Head – Standard Black Dress
  • Mark 5:35 1×12 Combo – Standard Black Dress
  • Mark 5:25 Head – Standard Dress
  • Mark 5:25 Head – Gray Bronco
  • Mark V 100w Head – Standard Black Dress
  • Lonestar 100w Head – Standard Black Dress
  • Lonestar Special 1×12 Combo – Standard Tan & Cream Dress
  • Recto-Verb 1×12 Combo – Standard Dress
  • Express 5:25+ 1×12 Combo – Standard Dress
  • Express 5:25+ 1×12 Combo – Custom Blue Bronco, Tan/White Jute, Black Piping, Black Appointments
  • Express 5:50+ 1×12 Combo – Standard Dress
  • Dual Rectifier Head – Standard Dress
  • Custom Mini-Rectifier 25 Head – Black Diamond Plate, Black Grill, Blue L.E.D.
  • Subway D-800 Bass Head
  • Subway D-800+ Bass Head
  • M6 Carbine Bass Head
  • Walkabout Scout Bass 1×12 Combo – Standard Dress

Speaker Cabinets

  • 1×12 Subway Ultra-Lite Bass Cabinet – Black
  • 1×15 Subway Ultra-Lite Bass Cabinet – Black
  • 2×10 Subway Ultra-Lite Bass Cabinet – Black
  • 1×12 23″ Lone Star Open-Back Cabinet – Black
  • 1×12 Thiele Front Ported Compact Cabinet
  • 1×12 Rectifier Slant Cab – Black
  • 1×12 Rectifier Slant Cab – Gray Bronco
  • 2×12 Horizontal Rectifier Cabinet
  • 2×12 Vertical Rectifier Cabinet
  • 4×12 Standard Rectifier Slant Cabinet
  • 4×10 Bass Powerhouse Cabinet


  • Flux Drive
  • Tone Burst
  • Grid Slammer
  • Throttle Box
  • Flux Five
  • Throttle Box EQ
  • Boogie Five Band Graphic EQ
  • Cab Clone 8 Ohm
  • Stowaway Input Buffer
  • Highwire Dual Imput Buffer & Output Boost
  • Rosette Acoustic DI Preamp


  • 6L6 Power Tubes
  • EL-84 Power Tubes
  • EL-34 Power Tubes
  • 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • 12AT7 Preamp Tubes
  • SPAX7 Preamp Tubes (High Grade AX7 Substitute)
  • 5U4GB Rectifier Tubes

Updated: 1/18/18

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